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I work with companies such as Thomson Local, British Gas, Hive, TSB Bank and The BBC. I also make great tea.

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What is mentalism?

Mentalism is a performing art that focuses on the mind and imagination. When performed correctly, mentalism can make the performer appear as if he or she possesses extraordinary powers or incredible mental prowess. Practitioners of mentalism will usually avoid mixing traditional magic tricks and theatrical props into their act. Instead, mentalism focusses on things like mind reading and predicting the future. This is why many mentalists do not consider themselves to be magicians.

Is Voice Search the Future of eCommerce?

In 2017 voice search sales via eCommerce reached a staggering $1.8 billion, with predictions of that number rising to $40 billion by 2022. With numbers like that, it’s easy to understand why everyone is scrambling to get involved. So, with that in mind, we decided to take a closer look at voice search to see where it’s headed, whether it’s just a fad and how businesses like yours can best optimize for it using voice search SEO...

Beat the blinking cursor with these content discovery tools

Posting content regularly on social media or your blog is a great way to gain traffic to your website and build a community of readers. However creating and finding appropriate content can sometimes be a challenging task, resulting in long periods of staring at the blinking black cursor. Fortunately help is at hand thanks to the following online tools and techniques which can help you to discover new topics and angles to create original and engaging content.

The 9 people you meet at every work Christmas party

The Dancer has been patiently waiting for the Christmas party to arrive. He’s spent years preparing for this moment, conditioning his body and choreographing his Whigfield Saturday Night dance routine to perfection. By midnight you’ll think you’ve seen it all, but when the beat of Rhythm is a Dancer hits its peak and the dance floor fills with fake smoke, he will emerge from a blinding light, clad head to toe in spandex, ready to dazzle you with a myriad of dance moves that no human eye could ever hope to comprehend.
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